The Best Way to Store Your Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives storaging tipsKnives are essential items for your kitchen as they are the main tool you will use in the preparation of ingredients to create a meal. Most people have a selection of different knives as each type of knife has a different purpose. As with all pieces of equipment, it is important to understand how to care for and store your kitchen knives properly. Here is some advice about why proper knife storage is important and the best ways to store your kitchen knives properly.

Why Should You Store Your Kitchen Knives Properly?

You may wonder why it is so important to consider the proper storage of kitchen knives. There are four main benefits to storing your kitchen knives properly.

Protecting your knives– If your knives are not stored properly, it is possible that they can become damaged. For example, other items with which they are stored can chip the blades and scratch the handles. Correct storage will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Extending lifespan– You will get the most out of your kitchen knives and extend their lifespan by taking proper care of your knives and storing them correctly.

Preventing kitchen damage– When you do not store your knives in the right way, you can potentially damage other items in your kitchen. For example, leaving them out on the work surfaces with their blade edges exposed creates a risk of your surfaces becoming scratched and marked.

Safety– One of the most important reasons you should store your knives properly is for increased safety. Exposed knife blades are dangerous as they can cut you or someone else in your home. By keeping them in a safe place with the blades covered, it is less likely that you or a family member will suffer an injury.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Storing Your Kitchen Knives Properly?

So, storing your kitchen knives properly is clearly important and there are many advantages to doing this. However, are there also some disadvantages to storing your kitchen knives in the correct manner? The short answer to this is that there are not really any downsides to storing your kitchen knives properly. Although, there are some people who would argue that you cannot use your knives as quickly or that it takes longer to put them away properly.

How to Store Kitchen Knives Properly at Home

There are many ways that you can store your knives, and this depends on whether a storage solution is provided with the knife, the type and size of the knife, and the space you have available for storage. Some of the storage options include:

  • Individual storage boxes– Many knives come with a storage box in which you can continue to keep your knife when it is not in use. This will prevent it from getting damaged by other utensils when in your kitchen drawer or cupboard. It also means that the blade is not exposed, thus reducing the likelihood of injury. You can store the knife flat in the box and they will stay dry. This means they are less at risk of corrosion if they are not made of rust-resistant materials.
  • Kitchen drawer-You can keep your knives in your kitchen drawer. It is better if you have a drawer divider so that you can keep your sharp kitchen knives separate to your other cutlery. This will reduce the risk of you cutting yourself on a sharp blade when retrieving a knife from the drawer. You can also store your knives within a box in a drawer and this will further reduce the risk of a knife injury.
  • Knife block– Some knife sets come with a knife block that you can use to stand your knives in and cover the sharp blades. The blocks are usually made from either wood, stone, or marble. They will keep the knife blade straight and protect it from damage. The advantage to these is that your knives are close at hand on your work surface when you need them. Some people also believe a knife block with a set of knives is an attractive kitchen accessory to have out on their work surface.
  • Protective sheaths– A knife will sometimes come with a protective sheath, especially if you buy individual knives rather than a set. A protective sheath has two main purposes. The first is to protect the blade from damage, such as chipping, scratching, bending, and corrosion. Its second purpose is to increase safety when the knife is not in use as the blade is not exposed. It is best to put the protective sheath on the knife and keep the knife safe in a kitchen drawer or cupboard.

Other Kitchen Knife Care Tips

There are also some other knife care steps you should take before storing your knives away after use that are important. These include:

  • Washing– Wash your knives thoroughly in soapy water after each use. There is no need to wash them in any stronger disinfectant and, in some cases, this can damage some of the materials. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice and do not put your knives in the dishwasher if the knife is a hand-wash only item.
  • Drying– Always dry your knives thoroughly using a soft, dry cloth before putting them away. Failing to dry your knives properly increases the risk of corrosion. It can also leave water between the handle and blade which increases the chances of damage to both parts of the knife.
  • Sharpening– It is important to sharpen your knives regularly for them to retain their edge so that they can perform well. This also increases safety when using the knives as a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp one when cutting ingredients. Once the knives are sharpened, it is even more important that you store them appropriately to reduce the risk of accidents.

Bottom Line

Storing your kitchen knives properly is essential to protect your knives, extend their lifespan, and to increase safety in the kitchen. There are several storage options available and which you choose will depend on the type of knife, its size, the storage available in your home, and whether the knife comes with a storage solution or not. Most people will keep their kitchen knives in a kitchen drawer, and you can further protect your knives and increase safety by also using a storage box or protective sheath if your knives came with these accessories.

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