14 Best EDC Knives Under $50- Buying Guide & Reviews

best EDC knives under 50If you regularly need a sharp implement in your daily life, then an EDC knife is a useful tool to have. You can use them for many activities at home or in the workplace, such as household chores, opening parcels, and cutting tape or string. They are also useful for many tasks while enjoying outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting, and fishing. You may find it difficult to choose one as there are many different EDC knives available and each of these has different features. This buying guide should help you to understand what to look for when choosing a knife, while the product reviews highlight some of the best EDC knives under $50 available now.

Reviews of the Best EDC Knives Under $50

There is an excellent choice of affordable EDC knives on the market. Here are 14 of the best EDC knives under $50.

1. CRKT Fossil Folding Pocket Knife

This is the best folding knife under $50. It is a compact and smart-looking knife with a non-serrated blade. The four-inch blade has a razor-sharp edge that you will find useful for many day-to-day tasks. The blade opens quickly from the stainless steel handle and closes with a secure lock when not in use as there is a reliable and sturdy frame lock system that increases safety when carrying this EDC knife. This knife has an IKBS ball bearing pivot system that gives the knife rapid blade deployment. You will have a solid grip of this knife, thanks to the hammered stainless steel handle that features G10 overlays.

Key Features:

  • Quick opening
  • Secure lock
  • Good grip
  • Compact

2. Outdoor Edge RazorLite EDC Folding Knives

These affordable EDC knives are available in a range of colors and sizes as it is available with either a 3-inch or a 3.5-inch blade, which are both good sizes for many practical tasks. Therefore, you can choose the knife that is the most visually appealing while also meeting your practical needs. The razor-sharp, stainless steel blades are heat treated and hand finished so they can cut more efficiently than many competitors. Each knife comes with a set of replacement blades to use if the original blade begins to dull. It also comes with a replaceable pocket clip for easy carrying.Using this knife is easy as you can even deploy the blade using just one hand. The Grivory handles have rubberized TPR handle inserts, so they are non-slip. This increases your safety when using the knife.

Key Features:

  • Size and color options
  • Superior blades
  • Easy deployment
  • Non-slip grip

3. Ganzo G7531-CF Folding Pocket EDC Knife

A sturdy knife, this model has a blade measuring approximately 3.5-inches and is made of stainless steel, while the smart handle is made of carbon. These are both durable materials.At just 3.5 ounces, this compact folding knife is one of the most lightweight and cheap EDC knives available. There is a locking system for the blade, both when it is out and when it is folded into the high-carbon handle. This increases your safety when you are using or carrying the knife. It is possibly the best EDC knife under $30 due to its sharpness and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Locking system
  • Easy to use

4. SOG Instinct Fixed Blade

Despite the many features of this knife, it is surprisingly cheap. Therefore, it is one of the best affordable pocket knives. It is designed for belt or boot carry, although there are several attachment options. This knife has a fantastic shape that increases its versatility. It is made from good quality materials, including a stainless steel 2.3-inch blade and a steel handle with G10 overlays.The blade of this knife is predominantly non-serrated with just a small serrated area and the handle has finger grooves for improved grip.It comes with a nylon protective sheath in which you can store your knife when not in use so that the blade is not exposed.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Protective sheath
  • Versatile design
  • Attachment options

5. Canku C02 Folding Pocket Knife

With plenty of features for a low price, this is the best value pocket knife. A sharp and sturdy option, this knife is made from quality materials, including a blade of the knife is made from tough steel and the handle is made steel with G10 overlays.The handle is shaped in such a way that you will have a secure hold on the knife for greater safety during use. The blade length is 3.86-inches and the overall length with the handle is 8.86-inches. Therefore, this is a useful item for around the home or when you go hunting or fishing. The knife comes with a strong protective sheath in which you can store the knife when it is not in use. This also has a pocket clip for attachment.

Key Features:

  • Durable materials
  • Shaped handle
  • Protective sheath
  • Clip attachment

6. CRKT Pilar EDC Folding Pocket Knife

This is another of the best EDC knives under $30 that looks far more expensive than it is as the materials have an excellent finish. It is designed for ease of use, both in deploying the blade and locking it away. Deployment of this blade is simple as there is a thumb slot blade deployment. The frame lock system keeps the blade in place both when it is open and when it is folded away. This is a sleek looking knife, and this is partially due to the finish on the materials. The 2.4-inch blade has a satin finish and the handle has a bead blast finish. This makes it look expensive even though it is only a cheap EDC knife.

Key Features:

  • Cheap
  • Very sharp
  • Easy deployment and locking
  • Smart design

7. Ganzo G704 Folding Knife

The overall length of this knife is 7.86-inches, while the drop-point blade is 3.35-inches. This is a durable knife that the manufacturers claim can withstand extreme use. The high-quality materials used to create this product mean that it is a practical choice for those who use an EDC knife every day. The blade is made from high-quality alloy steel that is resistant to corrosion. Its hardness is rated as 60 units on the Rockwell scale, so it is a tough and durable product. It is a bead blasted utility drop point blade which is ultra-sharp, so it can efficiently cut through many materials that you come across in daily life.The G10 handle has a special composite textolite and is textured for improved grip and safety.

Key Features:

  • Great handle
  • Superior blade
  • Quality materials

8. KIZER Knives Pocket Knife with Clip

If you want a lightweight and compact EDC knife to add to your tool collection, then this is a good choice.At just 3.6 ounces, this is an exceptionally lightweight knife. It is also compact as its overall length is 5.77-inches. It is a stainless steel knife with a blade measuring 2.5-inches. It has a clip attachment to give you more options for carrying this product around. This knife has a caged ceramic ball bearing pivot. This means that it has responsive blade deployment.The handle of this knife is textured, which will give you good grip while using the knife. This will also increase safety during use.

Key Features:

  • Good grip
  • Easy deployment
  • Lightweight and compact

9. Eafengrow EF335 Tactical Folding Knives

For those looking for EDC knives under $30, this Eafengrow model is a sound choice. With a 3.5-inch blade and a 5-inch handle, this folding knife is an affordable option for anyone who wants a reliable knife to use in their daily life. It is also ideal for use in outdoor activities. The handle shape is perfect for palm use. It feels comfortable to grip and does not slip. It has a clip attachment so that you can clip the knife to your clothing or your bag.The screws in this knife are unique, so the manufacturers provide you with a tool for disassembling the knife. This is useful for cleaning the knife and replacing the blades.

Key Features:

  • Shaped handle
  • Clip attachment
  • Tools supplied

10. QSP Knife PARROT

There are both left and right-handed options available for this knife, which makes it easier to use the lock and deployment system. This lightweight and compact knife has a sharp blade measuring 3.15-inches. The satin-polished blade is durable and has a hardness rating of 60 on the Rockwell scale.The handle is made from G10. It is contoured and textured to improve grip and prevent slipping. Like many EDC knives, this knife comes with a pocket clip for attaching to your clothing or bag. However, this clip differs as it is reversible, so you can wear it on either the left or the right. It is a sturdy looking knife with an attractive design and is one of the cheapest options on the market. Therefore, it is great for those with a limited budget who want a quality item.

Key Features:

  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Durable
  • Non-slip handle

11. Eafengrow Tactical Hunting Folding Knife

This knife is the ideal choice for those with a limited budget as it is the best EDC knife under $20. With a blade length of 3.7 inches and a handle measuring 4.5 inches, the overall length of this knife is 8.2 inches. It is a versatile knife that is suitable for use at home, in the office, while camping or for hunting and fishing trips. This is a super-lightweight EDC knife as it weighs just 1.6 ounces. Therefore, it will not pull down your clothing when stored in your pocket and it is suitable to take along for activities such as ultralight backpacking.This folding knife has a liner lock, which makes it easy to deploy the blade and then fold the blade back into the handle. The non-slip handle is contoured and textured for good grip and is available in four color options.

Key Features:

  • Good lock
  • Non-slip handle
  • Lightweight

12. Eafegrow CH3002-G1o Folding Camping Knives

A good choice if you are looking for EDC knives under $30, this folding camping knife is a versatile product that has many other uses. You can also use this knife for daily tasks at home or at work. It is a nicely designed knife with a blade length of 3.7-inches and a handle measuring 4.7-inches. The blade is 23 millimeters wide and three millimeters thick. While the blade is made from stainless steel, the handle is made from steel with G10 overlays. The handle design is thin, and this adds to the compactness of this knife. There are three handle color options. This knife is suitable for a wide range of tasks and activities, so it is a versatile knife to buy.

Key Features:

  • Slim handle
  • Good quality
  • Versatile

13. Tac-Force Assisted Opening Speedster Pink Pocket Knife

A high-quality product, this pocket knife is fast and smooth operating on opening and closing. The blade measures 3.25-inches and the overall length including the handle is 7.75-inches. It is a compact knife as it measures just 4.5-inches when it is closed. The blade of this knife is made from a high carbon stainless steel. This is a durable and corrosion-resistant material. The unusual metallic pink handle means that this is one of the funkiest looking knives on the market. The handle also has a grooved design which gives a good non-slip grip. It comes with a removable metal belt clip. Despite the smart appearance of this knife, it is one of the best budget EDC knives at under $10.

Key Features:

  • Cool design
  • Budget option
  • Durable materials
  • Non-slip grip

14. USMC Marine Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

For those with a low budget, this is one of the best pocket knives under $20. This is a sturdy, tactical pocket with half the blade serrated and the other half non-serrated. It has a four-inch blade and measures nine inches in total when open and five inches when closed.The sharp tanto blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, so it is strong, durable, and rust-resistant.The manufacturers claim that this knife has the best grip on the market. It has a textured coating and is shaped so that it is non-slip and you can get a better hold. This knife comes with a sturdy belt clip for easy attachment. The belt clip is stamped with the USMC logo.

Key Features:

  • Sharp blade
  • Belt clip
  • Good grip
  • Quality materials

Best Every Day Carry Knife Slip Review

If you use an EDC knife or any other pocket tool, then you might consider buying a slip in which you can keep your knife or tools. Not only does this protect your knife, but it can also protect your clothing and body from potential harm from carrying sharp equipment.

The Pocket Runt Leather Every Day Carry Slip

This lightweight slip is made from top quality leather, which is a thick and durable material that is ideal for protection purposes. Customers can choose between Wickett & Craig leather or American tanned Horween leather. There are many color options, including both natural and dyed leathers.

These handmade slips are created with great care and attention to detail, as they are hand cut, assembled, and stitched. They are finished to the highest standard, so the product is both practical and attractive. These affordable items would make a great gift for a loved one who uses knives and tools in their day-to-day life.

Key Features:

  • Leather options
  • Handcrafted
  • Quality finish

Things to Consider When Choosing an EDC Knife

There are many differences between the types of EDC knives that are available. Each has its own pros and cons, so what will suit one person will not necessarily suit the next. Therefore, it is important to take all factors into account when making a purchase. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying an EDC knife.

Size and Blade Length

Both the length of the blade and the overall size of the knife, including the handle, are important. Consider the following:

  • The size is important in terms of how you use the knife. Think about the different ways that you intend to use it when deciding which size to buy.
  • If you intend to carry the knife in your pocket, then a slimmer knife is better.
  • The best blade length is probably around three-inches.
  • It is essential that you check the laws where you live before buying an EDC knife if you plan to take it out with you.
  • In some states, you are only allowed to carry open knives with blades measuring less than 2.5 inches and some are even less.
  • Some states allow you to carry an open knife with a blade up to 5.5-inches.
  • If you live outside of the United States, it is important to check the laws specific to your country.


The weight of an EDC knife is also important for people who carry their knife with them regularly or take them away on trips. Consider the following:

  • Both the size and the materials make a difference to the weight of a knife.
  • Aluminum is one of the lightest options.
  • Lightweight does not always mean a knife is better as you should also consider durability and construction.


The materials used to create EDC knives vary from one brand or model to the next. Most knives have different materials for the blade and the handle. When deciding which EDC knife to buy, think about the following:

  • The material affects the price, the weight, and the durability of an item.
  • Titanium is sometimes used for blades as this is lightweight and strong. However, it does not keep a good edge.
  • Steel is the most common material used for EDC knife blades, and each different type of steel has its own pros and cons. Generally, steel is a strong and durable material and steel blades keep a good edge.
  • Damascus steel is one of the best options, but it is also one of the most expensive EDF knife blades.
  • Just some of the materials used to make the knife handles, also known as scales, can include synthetic grips, wood, animal bone, titanium, and brass.


There is not a standard EDC knife as there are many different types. Just some of the options include:

  • Serrated- Although there are some EDC knives that have a serrated edge, you really don’t need this feature unless your daily tasks include things like cutting rope. However, if this is the type of activity for which you need a knife, it is better to choose a working knife.
  • Non-serrated- Most EDC knives have a non-serrated edge. This is the better option for most tasks that you would use this knife for in daily life.
  • Fixed blade- These are EDC knives where the blades remain locked in place and do not fold away. There are potential risks when carrying these knives, so they are not the best option.
  • Folding blade- Most EDC knives have a folding blade which folds neatly and safely into the knife handle. This is the safest option as the blade is not exposed while carrying the knife.


Most people take the price of a product into consideration when they buy it; either because they have a budget or just because they want to make sure they get the best deal. The following points are worth considering in relation to the price of EDC knives:

  • The price of EDC knives varies significantly. So, although there are many expensive EDC knives, it is also possible to get a cheap EDC knife.
  • The price of a knife depends on many factors, including the brand, its size, the materials, and the type of knife.
  • The price doesn’t always reflect the quality of an item, so it is possible to get some of the best EDC knives under $50.
  • You can often get an EDC knife cheaper by buying online rather than in a bricks-and-mortar store.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What Does EDC Mean?

EDC stands for easy daily carry. This type of knife is a tool and not a weapon. It is a general-purpose knife that has multiple uses in day-to-day activities, such as easily opening a package or snipping a piece of string. These are also a useful tool to take along if you enjoy outdoor activities.

What Are the Benefits of an EDC Knife?

There are many benefits to having an EDC knife. Just some of the benefits of these knives include:

  • Versatility- This type of knife is extremely versatile as you can use it for lots of different day-to-day tasks.
  • Convenient- They are convenient to use as you can carry them in your pocket so that you can easily retrieve your knife when you need it.
  • Size- They are smaller than a working knife, so they are easier to carry around with you for different activities.

Is a Fixed or a Foldable Blade EDC Knife Better for Everyday Use?

Two of the options available are fixed blade EDC knives and foldable EDC knives. So, which of these is best?

  • Safety- The safest option is to buy a folding blade because these do not leave the blade exposed when carrying around while not in use.
  • Convenience- Although a fixed blade is ready to use straight away while you need to unfold a folding knife, they are both easy and convenient to use.
  • Efficiency- Both types of EDC knives work just as well.
  • Size- A folding blade is the most compact option.

Overall, the better option is to buy an EDC knife with a foldable blade as these are the safer and more compact option.

Safety Tips While Carrying a Pocket Knife with You

Knives are a sharp implement, and this means there are risks associated with carrying these knives and using them. The following safety tips will help you to carry your EDC knife safely.

  • If it is a fixed blade, cover it with a sheaf before putting it in your pocket or use a belt pouch.
  • Always fold down the blade on a foldable EDC knife before putting it in your pocket.
  • Put the knife in your pocket with the handle pointing upwards and the blade end pointing downwards.

Final Verdict

There is a vast choice if you are looking for budget EDC knives and each of the knives available has its own features, pros, and cons. One of the best EDC knives under $50 is the CRKT Fossil Folding Pocket Knife. It’s compact and lightweight, it has a good grip, and it is made from quality materials.

If you have a lower budget, then the best EDC knife under $30 is the Ganzo G7531-CF Folding Pocket EDC Knife. This is a good choice for people who want to spend less on a knife because it is made from quality materials, it is lightweight, and it has a good locking system.

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