Your Guide to The Best Bowie Knife – Top 10 Picks by Knives Advisor

Best Bowie KnifeBowie knives are popular for use in outdoor activities that call for the use of a thicker and durable blade with a sharp pointy tip. They’re a favorite among hunters for skinning and gutting wild game. The sharp tip is an excellent resource for piercing through thick animal hides. Bowie knives are an iconic symbol of the American West that are still considered to be useful for a variety of cutting tasks.

Our Selection of The Best Bowie Knives

  1. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife
  2. 9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife w/SHEATH
  3. Moorhaus Handmade D2 Tool Steel Combat Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath
  4. CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife
  5. Schrade SCHF45 Full Tang Bowie Blade for Outdoor Survival Camping
  6. Uncle Henry 181UH Bowie Full Tang Fixed Blade
  7. United Cutlery Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie Knife
  8. Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife
  9. Nescole 9 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife- Handmade Damascus Knife
  10. Case Bowie Fixed Knives

Review of The Best Bowie Knives

1. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Classic Bowie knife with large durable blade for high performance and reliability.

Long blade

The 11/3/8 inch blade allows you to handle big cutting jobs with ease, whether you’re cutting through large pieces of game meat, separating bone from cartilage or cutting through thick brush.

Brass plated guard

The attractive brass plated guard is not just for show. This feature adds safety and finger protection to help prevent accidental injuries from occurring.

Gray Hardwood handle

The classic gray hardwood handle is durable to hold up under intense use, while adding a pleasing rugged aesthetic.

Full tang blade

The blade length extends completely through the butt of the handle for increased strength and durability.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel materials take an edge easily and hold it for longer.

Genuine leather sheath

Tough and durable leather sheath included with the knife helps protect the blade when the knife is not in use. It also protects users from accidental injury.

2. 9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife w/SHEATH

The ideal Bowie knife for tactical fighting.

Fixed blade

Stability and reliability with a fixed blade feature.

Stainless Steel blade

Made from stainless steel for toughness and durability.

Tanto blade

Black reverse saw back tanto blade gives you another usable feature for sawing through tough materials with ease.

Full tang

The full tang knife blade extends to the butt of the handle for full length strength and stability. The combination of a durable nylon handle with lanyard hole makes it possible to carry or store this knife in more ways.

Nylon sheath

The included nylon sheath protects the blade of the knife when not in use and helps to prevent accidental cuts.

3. Moorhaus Handmade D2 Tool Steel Combat Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

The Moorhause is a high quality handmade Bowie knife for combat and personal protection plus more.


High quality goes into the workmanship for each piece made. Hand crafted for strength and reliability.

Micarta handle

Micarta handle material in black is stylish and strong so it won’t let you down when you need it the most.

D2 steel

The blade is made of high quality steel that has been tempered to 60-62HRC for superior strength.

Leather sheath

Keep your knife protected and increase personal safety with a genuine leather sheath that is included with each Moorhause handmade Bowie knife.

4. CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife

Own the minimalist style of Bowie Neck knife for multiple carrying options and understated aesthetics

Wear resistant finish

The .CRKT Minimalist features a stonewash or bead blast finish that increases blade durability and resistance to wear from normal use.

Lanyard ready

The neck wear style allows you to keep this knife close to your body for immediate and hassle free access in emergency situations Can be worn around the neck.

Durable handle

Resin infusion in the fiber handle adds incredible strength and durability for long wear and reliability.

Finger grooves

The handle features three finger grooves to provide exceptional gripping and leveraging ability.

Sheath included

The nylon holder is made of glass reinforced nylon material that gives you multiple options for carrying.

5. Schrade SCHF45 Full Tang Bowie Blade for Outdoor Survival Camping

Schrade is a name that is synonymous with quality. The SCHF45 Leroy is one of the more popular Bowie knives on the market.

Long blade

This model features a blade length of 10.4 inches with an overall knife length of 16.5 inches. The generous size gives you a weight of 1 pound 7 ounces for extra cutting power with applied force.

High carbon blade

Quality 8Cr13MoV high carbon SS materials give this knife extra durability and add the titanium coating and you have a knife that is built to hold up under tough working conditions.

TPE handle

The handle is made of black TPE materials with a slab-type styling for strength and durability. A lanyard hole is included for multiple carrying options.

Full tang

The full tang extends to the butt of the knife handle for extra stability, durability and excellent balance.

Thermoplastic sheath

The included sheath is made of thermoplastic materials that protect the knife when not in use, and features a belt carry design.

Security features

the finger guard, choil and grooves are built into the knife as additional security features.

6. Uncle Henry 181UH Bowie Full Tang Fixed Blade

High quality performance with the Uncle Henry full tang fixed blade Bowie knife.

High quality blade material

The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel which gives it exceptional strength and the ability to take and hold a sharp edge.

Durable handle

Staglon handle offers reliable performance that is resistant to cracking and chipping under normal use.

Nickle Silver Guard

The Nickle silver guard is a stylish yet functional addition that helps protect your fingers and knuckles from injury when using the knife.

Belt sheath included

The black belt sheath is made of durable polyester material for strength and reliability that makes it easy to carry the knife and protect the blade from damage, and the user from accidental injury.

7. United Cutlery Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie Knife

Loaded with useful features, the Marine Force Recon Sawback is the ideal survival Bowie.

High quality material

The blade is crafted of AUS-6 stainless steel for strength, durability and extended sharpness.

Long blade

The blade of this Bowie knife is 11.5 inches in length with a total knife length of 16-3/8 inch.


The sawback feature allows you to cut through more dense materials with greater ease in a survival situation.


The overmolded rubber handle gives you extra gripping power for greater control of the knife in emergency situations. It’s comfortable to hold in the hand and easy to maneuver.

Protective shield

A nylon sheath with a secure snap closure is included for protecting the knife and carrying on a belt.

8. Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife

Night Stalkers Marine Force gives you the extra strength cutting you require for hunting and survival situations.

Extra long blade

The length of the knife blade is 12.2 inches and when the handle is included, the total length of the knife is a whopping 17.5 inches.

High quality materials

The blade is constructed of 440 stainless steel with a black finish for extra durability and the ability to take and hold a sharp edge.

Thick and reliable

The blade thickness is at 4.1 mm for added strength and power when making challenging cuts. Its up to taking the force needed for tougher jobs in the wilderness.

Multiple cutting features

The blade is razor sharp with sharp tooth serrations on the spine and large sawback serrations for use in a variety of cutting tasks.

Other features

This knife comes equipped with a guard made of 44o stainless steel with a black finish, a large cord tie hole for multiple carrying options, diamond textured rubber on the grip, an S shaped handle and an included nylon sheath with a belt loop attachment.

9. Nescole 9 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife- Handmade Damascus Knife

Bask in the ambiance of this ultra stylish handmade Damascus Bowie knife.

Decorative collectible

Damascus material is handmade and forged for the highest in quality and collectible value. It is considered to be a precious metal because of the painstaking process involved in its development. The blade is sharp and the metal is resistant to rust under the proper knife care and handling.

Small size

The small size of the 4.6 inch blade makes this an ideal knife for camping or hunting.

Bushcraft survival style

This knife is suitable for use as a bush or survival knife because of its versatility and hard core strength.

Brilliant aesthetics

Handmade designs on the blade make this practical knife a conversation piece that is suitable for placement in a collectors case, but strong enough to use in practical settings. The Damascus steel, amazing blade decor and camel bone handle combine to make this knife a valuable collector’s piece.

Ergonomic design

The handle of this knife features handcrafted care in ensuring that it is ergonomically designed for hand comfort and an excellent grip for increased safety during use.

10. Case Bowie Fixed Knives

The Case Bowie is a fixed knife that is ideal for hunters and campers.

Stainless steel blade

The blade material is surgical stainless steel that is tough and sturdy. The Tru Sharp taper blade type hones to a razor sharp edge when desired. The blade length is 9.5 inches for a total knife length of 14.25 inches.

Aesthetic design

The blade features a satin finish with an etching of the job case logo for stylishness along with a mirror polish in the finish.

Durable sheath

A genuine leather sheath is included for personal protection from accidents and protection of the knife blade when it is not in use.

Safety features

The Case Bowie knife comes with a Clip point blade, a durable black synthetic handle and a brass guard for finger and knuckle protection.

Considerations Before Buying

Before purchasing a Bowie knife there are some important considerations you need to make.

Quality materials

The first is the material type. Think about the different types of steels and alloys and their features and benefits or potential drawbacks. Bowie’s made of cheap metal are likely to fail when you need them the most. Look for a knife made of high quality materials for the blade and for the handle as well.

Workmanship and design

Look for high quality workmanship and design. Bowie knives come in a variety of brands and quality degrees. Make sure that all components are sturdy and well assembled.

Appropriate blade length and features

Bowie knives come in a variety of blade lengths between 6″ to 12″ or longer. Choose the size that is best suited for your intended purpose. In addition to this, look for features that you may find useful such as a serrated component or other useful tools that some models come equipped with.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Bowie Knives

What Is a Bowie Knife?

A Bowie knife is known by its distinct shape. It features a clip point in which the blade spine travels down to create the tip. This configuration makes it a more streamlined knife that has an excellent capacity for piercing. Some Bowie knives are sharpened or beveled while others are not. They are primarily used as hunting knives or for use in other outdoor cutting jobs.

How did The Name of The Bowie Knife Get Its Name?

The Bowie knife was created in the 19th century by blacksmith James Black. One of these knives was given to Jim Bowie as a gift from his brother. Bowie drew attention to the knife with his famous Sandbar Duel in Mississippi. He arose victor of the altercation and the knife that he used to win became known as the Bowie knife.Since this time the Bowie knife has been known as a symbol of the American West, and of the skill of the famous knife fighter.

What Is a Bowie Knife Good for?

Bowie knives are good for skinning animals. They feature a tip that is excellent for piecing through thick hides. The strong blade and handle are good for cutting up large pieces of meat. The comfortable grip makes them ergonomic and easy to hold on to. They are also good as a large knife that helps to deter would be attackers. The blade is long and thick and it makes an excellent weapon for self defense as well as for warding off trouble. They are also good in survival situations if you have a model that comes with additional useful features such as a serrated portion that can be used as a saw.

How to Use a Bowie Knife

How to properly use a Bowie knife depends on what you are using it for. They come in a range of blade lengths. Do you intend to use it for cutting through meat or bones? It can also be used for cutting through thick brush and other materials. It can also be used as a throwing knife There are specific steps to observe for each purpose.


  • With the tip down, use the point to pierce the hide, then work the sharp edge underneath the skin to cut a wide enough spot to slide the width of the knife in between the hide and the meat.
  • Cut away from yourself with the sharp edge lying flat in the direction of the cut, just under the skin.

Cutting through joints and cartilage

  • Find the softest part of where the cartilage binds to the bone.
  • Use the flat edge of the Bowie knife to cut through, applying a fair amount of pressure in a downward motion.

Throwing a Bowie Knife

  • Hold the knife by the heel of the handle and get a feel for its balance
  • Make sure that there is nobody standing near the side or in front of you for safety sake.
  • Throw the knife in an overhand fashion and release when your arm reaches its full extension outwards. Hitting a target will require practice and patience. Be careful not to release the knife too soon to avoid accidental injury. Never hold the knife by its tip or the blade.

How to Pronounce Bowie Knife?

The Bowie knife has been pronounced in a few different ways and only one of them is correct. Some pronounce it as Bow ‘ ee as in the iconic singer Davie Bowie, but this isn’t the right way. Any Texan can tell you that it is pronounced Boo’ ee that rhymes with Louie. This famous knife deserves to be referred with a proper pronunciation and if you get any arguments you can refer opponents easily to proof of the right pronunciation online.

How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife?

The best way to sharpen a Bowie knife is with a whetstone. You’ll need the stone, water, oil and a towel before you begin.

  1. Look at the angle on the edge of the blade. You should sharpen the knife with an angle is as close to the original as possible.
  2. Lubricate the whetstone with oil to preserve the edge of the knife.
  3. Place the knife blade on the stone at the chosen angle.
  4. Place pressure on the knife in a motion that resembles cutting the stone, and drag the knife across the stone starting at the knife hilt, following through to the tip.
  5. Keep the edge facing away from you as you sharpen. Make straight passes on the stone and inspect the blade for sharpness after four or five passes. Repeat until desired sharpness is achieved but remember to stay within the original bevel size.

Final verdict

We’ve just reviewed the top ten picks of the best Bowie knives on the market today. Each comes with its own distinct features and characteristics to give you the choice of finding the most suitable model that meets your needs and appeals to your unique sense of taste.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged combat version or a highly functional hunting or survival knife, you’ll find the best quality at the most reasonable prices in our review selections. You’ll also find a few knives that are designed for high quality and function with amazing aesthetics that any collector would be proud to display.

Our guide is designed to help you determine what to look for in a Bowie knife so your purchase will be the most beneficial and satisfying.

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