15 Best Knives for Slicing Brisket (Entry, Mid & Expensive)- Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Brisket Knife

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A brisket is a popular dish in many parts of the world. This large cut of beef is usually tough and fibrous, so you must cook it slowly in a low heat to tenderize the meat. Once the meat is cooked, you need the right type of knife to create neat slices of brisket and present it nicely to your family or any guests dining with you. There are many different types of knife available and not all of them are suitable for slicing brisket. The following is an overview of the things you should consider to make sure you buy the best knife for slicing brisket along with product reviews of some of the best brisket knives available now.

Reviews of the Best Knives for Slicing Brisket

If you want to find the best knife for slicing brisket, it is important to compare the different options available. Here are reviews of some of the best knives for brisket carving divided into three different price categories to help you find a knife within your budget.

Best Cheap Brisket Slicing Knives Under $50

If you have a budget of under $50 to spend on a brisket knife, the following knives are some of the best options available.

1. MARICO Premium 11-Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

For those on a budget, this is possibly the best brisket carving knife. With a blade measuring 11-inches, this knife is the perfect size for carving brisket or any other meat. The overall length of this knife is 17.9-inches. It is engineered from stainless steel and is a straight-edged knife with a Granton design. It has an ergonomic design that gives the knife good balance and the shaped handle means this knife is easy to grip and use. It can create the perfect slices of meat as the air pockets on the blade separates the slice you are cutting from the joint of meat.

Key Features:

  • Long blade
  • Granton design straight-edge
  • Durable and rust-resistant

2. Ergo Chef Prodigy Series Granton Edge Meat Slicing and Carving Knife

The 12-inch blade of this stylish looking knife has hollowed ovals that create air pockets. This prevents the food from sticking to the blade, creates a smoother carving motion, and increases efficiency. The blade is made from a high carbon stainless steel that is tempered to create a razor-sharp edge. Its cutting performance is further improved thanks to the long thin design of the blade. This knife is designed for professionals who need quality knives to complete their daily tasks. However, this affordable knife is just as suitable for home cooks. The non-slip handle is NSF tested and gives good comfort and balance when carving brisket.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip handle
  • Hollowed blade
  • High carbon stainless steel

3. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Overall, this knife measures 18.8-inches but the blade measures 11-inches. This is the ideal length for carving meats. The blades of these knives are made from high carbon German cutlery steel that is resistant to rust, discoloration, and corrosion. It has hollowed out sections that mean you can slice cleanly through the meat without tearing. The knives have ergonomic triple-riveted Delrin handles that can withstand extreme temperatures. Its handles have a short bolster that exposes more of the knife edge, strengthens the knife, provides excellent balance, and adds durability. Mercer is a leading brand in this industry and they guarantee the quality of their knives.

Key Features:

  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Long blade
  • Hollowed design

4. Cook N’ Home 11-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

It is the handle of this knife that makes it stand out from its competitors. It is a brightly colored handle that is highly visible. This means it is great for those who enjoy cooking brisket outdoors and need to carve at night. The ergonomic handles are also shaped and textured for a non-slip grip that increases safety when carving. This knife has Granton-style blades with a flat edge, a rounded tip, and hollowed section to create air pockets. The 11-inch blade slices cleanly through any type of meat, including brisket. Although you must handwash most brisket knives, this one is dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  • Rounded tip
  • Granton blade
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Shaped handle
  • Brightly colored

5. TUO Cutlery Slicing Knife

The hollow-ground blades on these knives is an anti-sticking feature that helps the knife to cut easily and cleanly through the meat. They are sharpened at a 15-degree angle as this is the optimal angle for superior performance. These knives have unique and award-winning that have an unusual curved ergonomic design that is easy to hold and minimizes fatigue when using the knife frequently. The handles have a full tang construction that makes this a robust and durable knife. The 12-inch blade of this knife is made from stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and easy to clean. It comes with a smart, black storage box.

Key Features:

  • Hollow-ground blades
  • Unique handle design
  • Robust and durable
  • Storage box included

6. Dexter-Russell Scalloped Slicer

If you prefer a knife with a serrated edge for slicing your brisket, then this is the best option for you., The 12-inch blade is long enough to tackle even larger briskets and the serrated edge means you can always make the first cut, even if the outer layer of the meat is well-done or crisp. They are made from 400 series stain and corrosion-resistant high carbon stainless steel, so they are a good quality and durable knife. The tip of the knives is rounded, which is an added safety feature of these knives. The slip-resistant textured handles are made from high-impact polypropylene.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Long blade
  • Textured handle
  • Rounded tip

7. Cutlery-Pro Gourmet Chef Granton Roaster Knife

This knife is designed to slice easily through meat without shredding as the Granton-style blade has air pockets in the hollows to reduce friction. The straight edge of this 12-inch knife is also perfectly ground for superior performance. These blades are made from a high carbon German steel that is both durable and rust-resistant. The handles of the knife have an ergonomic design for comfort and feature a safety guard to protect your fingers when slicing meat. It is sealed to prevent cross-contamination, so this is a safe and hygienic knife to use for carving brisket.

Key Features:

  • Safety guard
  • Long blades
  • Good quality materials
  • Sealed handles

8. Columbia Cutlery 14-Inch Granton Edge Roast Beef Slicer

For those who regularly cook large joints of meat, this is one of the best knives for carving brisket. The 14-inch blade is one of the longest on the market for carving joints of meat and it is made from stainless steel that is durable and stain, rust, and corrosion-resistant. This straight-edged knife is super sharp and has a Granton design that reduces friction and prevents tearing. The rounded tip of the blade increases safety when carrying or using the knife. The five-inch handles are shaped and textured for comfortable use and a non-slip grip. The black Fibrox handle also has a safety guard to protect your fingers when using the knife.

Key Features:

  • Fibrox handle
  • Safety guard
  • Extra-long blade
  • Durable stainless steel

Best Mid-Range Brisket Cutting Knives ($50-$100)

Each of the following brisket knives is classed as mid-range as they cost between $50 and $100.

1. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife

Made from German high carbon stainless steel, the 12-inch blades of these knives are strong, durable, and rust-resistant. They are an example of outstanding craftsmanship and the use of cutting-edge technology as these knives are finished to a high-quality standard and have excellent performance. The blades are straight-edged with hollows with a rounded tip and a hand-polished satin finish. Black pakka wood is used for the handles, which are triple-riveted for greater strength and balance. The handles are laminated and polished to ensure they are sanitary for food preparation. This knife comes with a protective sheath for storage that increases safety as it does not leave the blade exposed.

Key Features:

  • Protective sheath included
  • High-quality materials
  • Triple-riveted and laminated handles
  • Granton blades with rounded tip

2. Zelite Infinity Slicing Carving Knife

The 12-inch blade of this knife is razor-sharp and can slice easily through any joint of meat. The clean cut it gives is thanks to the hollowed-out ovals that create air pockets to prevent sticking and tearing when slicing brisket. They are made from a high-quality, high carbon German stainless steel, which is tough, strong, durable, and rust-resistant. Each blade is hand-finished using the traditional three-step Honbazuke method to create a 15-degree angle for maximum sharpness. The full tang ergonomic handles are designed for comfort when using the knives and the tapered bolster improves control and increases the robustness of the knives.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Hand-finished blades
  • Good quality materials
  • 15-degree edge angle

3. Kai HT7074 Professional 12-Inch Brisket Knife

A stylish-looking piece of equipment, this professional standard knife has a 12-inch blade. Therefore, it is long enough to slice most sizes of brisket or other joints. The hammered finish of this straight-edged knife looks stunning but also has a practical purpose as it reduces drag for clean cuts and easy food release. High-quality Japanese steel is used for the double-bevel blades, which are sharpened to a 16-degree angle, and the tip of the blade is rounded for safety. This knife has a POM handle that is riveted and has a full tang construction. This means this knife is strong and durable. These knives are NSF certified for professional kitchen use.

Key Features:

  • Long blade
  • Japanese steel
  • Hammered blades
  • Rounded tip
  • POM handle

4. Victorinox 12-Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

The quality of this knife is far superior to what you would expect from the price you pay. Its narrow 12-inch blade has a super sharp edge for excellent cutting performance. The Granton style blade creates pockets of air in the hollowed ovals that reduce friction and prevent tearing or shredding while cutting. This means that the knives have a smoother motion and are more efficient. They are crafted in Switzerland using high-quality stainless steel and have a rounded tip for safety. The shaped and textured handle gives a non-slip grip that increases safety when using and gives you more control of the cutting motion and direction.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Efficient cutting
  • Non-slip handles
  • Rounded tip


Best Expensive Knives for Carving Brisket ($100+)

If you are willing to pay more to make sure you get the best knife for slicing brisket, then the following are some of the best brisket slicing knives on the market now.

1. Shun SWT0778 Kanso Brisket Knife

Although this is one of the most expensive knives for brisket carving, it is also one of the best. The style of the knife is based on the design principle Kanso, which is based on the simplicity of Zen philosophy. Its 12-inch blade is made from high carbon Japanese steel with hollowed areas for friction reduction and clean cutting. Its razor-sharp blade edge has a 16-degree cutting angle, but the tip of the knife is rounded for increased safety. This stylish-looking knife has a Tagayasan wood handle that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The handle is angled for a better grip and precision cutting. It comes with a sheath that acts as both protection for the knife and also as a safety measure to prevent injury when the knife is not in use.

Key Features:

  • Quality materials
  • Stunning handle
  • Precision cutting
  • 16-degree angled blade
  • Protective sheath

2. Wusthof 14-Inch Brisket Slicer Hollow Edge

This is the perfect knife for those that cool larger briskets for family dinners or on their barbecues. The 14-inch blade is made from a single piece of chrom-molybdenum-vanadium high carbon stainless steel that is cut precisely using laser technology. The offset blade is super-sharp and stain-resistant with hollowed ovals that create air pockets so there is less friction and the knife cuts neatly and efficiently. The plastic handle is triple-riveted with a full tang. These features of the handle mean that it is well-balanced and easy to control while slicing your brisket. This lightweight knife weighs just 7.2-ounces and the overall length of the knife including its handle is 18-inches.

Key Features:

  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang
  • Long blade
  • Lightweight

3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 10-Inch Beef Slicer

Manufactured in Germany, this top-quality knife is forged from a single piece of special formula high carbon stainless steel. Its 10-inch blade is ice-hardened so that it is super resilient and stays sharper for longer.The blades have excellent edge retention and a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale.  The blade edge is precision-honed and laser-controlled to create an edge angle of 15-degrees for extra sharpness and durability. They have hollowed ovals to reduce friction and create clean slices of meat. This knives’ handles are made from polypropylene and have an ergonomic design. They are bonded to create seals so that they are sanitary and will not cross-contaminate food.

Key Features:

  • Sharp blade
  • Sealed handled
  • High-quality materials


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Knife for Slicing Brisket

With so many different types of knives available for slicing brisket, it is important to compare the options. Here are some of the factors that you should consider to ensure you find the best knife for slicing brisket for you.


While a pocket knife is a compact, lightweight and versatile knife, it is not the tool for carving brisket. For this task, you need a knife with a blade that is long enough to slice cleanly through a large piece of meat. Therefore, you will need a knife with a blade measuring at least ten inches.

Blade Type

The blade of the knife is possibly the most important element of choosing the best knife for slicing brisket. While it is obvious that you need a sharp blade to slice beef cleanly, there are several different blade types that fit these criteria and there are pros and cons to each.

  • Straight- A blade with a straight edge is a better option for creating clean and neat slices as most straight-edged knives do not tear. The downside is that it is sometimes difficult to start a cut on the well-done exterior of a brisket.
  • Serrated- A knife with a serrated blade is better at starting a cut through the harder or tougher exterior of a brisket. However, they do not cut as neatly through the meat and will often tear the tender parts of the brisket.
  • Scalloped- In some ways, a scalloped blade is a good middle-ground between a straight blade and a serrated blade. It gives a clean cut like a straight blade and can start a cut better like a serrated blade. However, if the meat is very tender, they can still tear a little.
  • Granton- Strictly speaking, Granton ® is a trademark name of a type of knife designed by the Granton Knife Company. However, the style of their knives is now copied by many other brands and this style is simply referred to as a Granton blade by other companies. It is a straight-edged blade that has indentations along the side. This creates air pockets that reduce the drag when slicing brisket or other meats. It also prevents sticking, grabbing, and tearing.

Handle Design

The handle is another important element of a brisket cutting knife. In relation to the handle, think about the following:

  • Construction- The construction of the knife is important to its durability. While some are full tang or partial tang, there are other methods of attaching the blade to the handle.
  • Material- There are many different types of materials used for brisket knife These include wood, rubber, and various types of plastic, and metals.
  • Shape- The shape of handle you prefer is down to preference as you may feeling more comfortable carving brisket with some handle styles than others. It is important to note that a shaped handle will give you better grip and control of the knife.
  • Non-slip- Handles that are non-slip are an advantage as this increases safety when using the knife.


The materials can influence the price and durability of a knife, so it is important to find a knife that is within your budget and is durable. Most knife blades are made from stainless steel or steel. While stainless steel is rust resistant, steel is easier to sharpen. Both are strong and durable materials.


For most people, the price is an important consideration when buying any product. The prices for brisket slicing knives can vary significantly. Therefore, you should consider:

  • The materials, brand, size, and style of the knife will influence the price of the knife.
  • There are some cheap knives that work just as well for slicing a brisket as an expensive knife.
  • You can save money on buying a brisket knife by shopping online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need the Right Type of Knife for Slicing Brisket?

Brisket is a large piece of meat and is usually a fibrous and tough cut. It needs cooking over a low heat for many hours to make the meat tender. You need a knife that is both long enough for the size of the joint and sharp enough to begin the cut. As the inner meat is tender after many hours of cooking slowly, it can begin to fall apart. Therefore, you need the right knife to slice neatly without tearing the meat.

What Are the Best Types of Knives for Slicing Brisket?

Some knives are better than others for slicing a brisket. It is best to choose a knife with a blade measuring at least 10-inches so that you can carve larger pieces of meat. Opting for a knife with a non-slip handle design is also a good idea as this will improve your slicing technique and it is an important safety feature.

Although these are important factors to consider, it is the blade that is the most relevant feature when deciding which knife is the best type for slicing brisket. Straight-edged knives are better than serrated knives because they are less likely to tear the meat. An even better option is to choose one with a Granton-style blade. These have blades with hollowed ovals that create air pockets to reduce friction. This helps the knife to make a neater cut with less effort.

How to Use the Best Brisket Knife to Slice Brisket

To get the most out of your brisket and present it nicely, it is important to slice it properly. While your choice of knife plays an important role in this, slicing beautiful pieces of brisket is also down to the technique you use. The following is a step-by-step guide to slicing a brisket.

  1. Rest the brisket after cooking as it is easier to slice after resting.
  2. Lie the brisket flat on a chopping board.
  3. Spear the center of the brisket with a carving fork or stretch the fingers of the non-dominant hand across the center of the brisket.
  4. Feel along the top of your brisket to test the movement of the fat against the meat. You should feel a change in the middle of the meet and this is where the grain changes.It is at this point where you need to make your first cut to separate these pieces.
  5. Hold your brisket cutting hand in your dominant hand and slice down the dividing flat.
  6. Take the first piece of meat and cut against the grain with the knife to create a slice measuring approximately 0.25-inches in thickness.
  7. Repeat this step until you have cut the first piece of meat into 0.25-inch slices.
  8. Next, take the second piece of meat and repeat the process cutting the slices against the grain.

For more tips on slicing a brisket, you watch the following video:

Final Verdict

Brisket is a popular meal around the world and to cut the delicious slices of this meat perfectly, you need to choose the best knife for slicing brisket. The best option for those with a limited budget is the MARICO Ultra Sharp Premium Carving Knife. This long, Granton-style knife is made from quality materials and is a bargain at under $50.

If you want a brisket knife in the mid-price range, then the best choice is the DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife. This is made from good quality materials, it has a superior blade, and has triple-riveted handles. It also comes with a protective sheath.

For those who are willing to spend a little more to get the best quality brisket knife, then the best knife for slicing brisket is the Shun SWT0778 Kanso Brisket Knife. This is a top-quality knife from a reputable brand. It is a stunning knife that is capable of precision cutting and it comes with a protective sheath.

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